Consistency Checks: Paperpal’s Latest Feature Detects Inconsistencies in Academic Writing

by Dyanne Fernandes

When submitting an article or research paper, it is crucial to do in-depth language and consistency checks to ensure that it is free of grammar, language, and style errors. Typographical errors can be caught with a spell checker, but consistency issues are a critical proofreading error that are often overlooked. Consistent writing not only improves readability, but also allows journal editors, peer reviewers, and readers to navigate through your paper smoothly and focus on the content without cosmetic distractions.

Traditionally, consistency checks are a common proofreading practice, performed manually by copywriters and editors. Now, researchers can use Paperpal to run an automated Consistency Check specifically built to detect stylistic inconsistencies found in research writing. This innovative addition to the Paperpal’s suite of features uses an advanced NLP algorithm to instantly find inconsistencies and errors in your academic writing, which helps you become more efficient while writing.

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What does the Paperpal Consistency Check do?

The Consistency Check feature has been built with the academic researcher’s writing needs in mind and can help you ensure consistent styling in the following ways:

Consistency in presentation of tables, figures, and equation labels

If you’ve used different formats to write table (Tab. vs Table), figure (Fig vs Fig. Vs Figure), and equation (Eq vs Eq. vs Equation) labels, the Paperpal Consistency Check will highlight this for you. You can choose the style you prefer and make the required changes to eliminate inconsistencies.

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Consistency in the presentation of word forms and spelling

The English language is dynamic and includes different ways of writing the same word (non-adhesive vs nonadhesive / co-operation vs cooperation/ towards vs toward in American English / January vs Jan.). Paperpal’s Consistency Check can now assist you with identifying these issues in your writing in minutes to ensure consistency across your academic writing. By checking for and avoiding such issues, you can quickly deliver an elegantly written paper that also reflects your attention to detail, which is something most top journal editors are looking for.

Consistency in presentation of number and statistics

Mathematical equations can be represented in different formats in text (9%-10% vs 9-10% / 3°C vs 6 °C / p=0.05 vs P=0.01), all of which may be correct. Paperpal’s new Consistency Check is tailored to identify and highlight all such formatting inconsistencies to improve overall readability and comprehension.

How to use the Paperpal Consistency Check?

Using Paperpal for Web’s Consistency Check feature can save researchers a considerable amount of time and effort that would otherwise go into manually reviewing their work for inconsistencies. With a simple click-and-fix functionality, this unique feature will make your final English proofreading task easier and faster!

1. Register on Paperpal Prime to access the Consistency Check feature.

2. To do a consistency check for your academic writing when using our AI language editing tool, simply click on the “Consistency” tab on the Paperpal feed.

Consistency checks: Paperpal’s latest feature detects inconsistencies in academic writing

3. Your text is quickly scanned for any deviations in writing style, formatting, and language. You can view each consistency issue highlighted in the cards on the right-hand side and correct your work as needed to produce a polished, cohesive document.

Whether you’re a PhD student, researcher, or professional, our academic Consistency Check feature can help you ensure consistency in academic writing and make your work stand out. Sign up for Paperpal Prime, starting at just $12 a month to unlock unlimited language editing and consistency checks for your academic writing This is your chance to experience the future of academic writing, start today!

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