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How to write a PhD thesis: 13 Tips for PhD thesis writingPrecede vs. Proceed: They sound similar but are they?The ethics of using AI in research and scientific writingManuscript withdrawal: Reasons, consequences, and how to withdraw submitted manuscriptsCanceled or cancelled – what do I use?Is there a difference between ‘among’ and ‘amongst’?Paperpal’s Monthly Prime plan makes AI writing assistant more accessibleGood writing habits: 7 Ways to improve your academic writingSafeguarding research: How Paperpal keeps your data secureA quick guide on how to write a research paper summaryIs there a difference between ‘among’ and ‘between’?What does et al. mean and how to use it correctly in your research paperTravelling or traveling – Which word is correct?Into vs. onto: Do they confuse you too?How and when to use active or passive voice in research papersHow to choose and use keywords in research papers5 steps to reduce the length of the research paper without losing content3 Easy ways for researchers to improve their academic vocabularyScientific writing style guides explainedResearch manuscript structure: Understanding different parts of a manuscriptGood publication practices: 6 essential steps for publication successTop 5 ethical considerations in researchHow to identify a predatory journal and steer clear of itHow to respond to peer reviewer comments [Do’s and Dont’s for authors]Should you use and/or in academic writing?Elder vs. older: Are you using them right?Imply vs. infer: Understanding the subtle differenceAmbiguous vs. ambivalent: How to use the right word in the right contextRaise vs. rise: The right usage4 types of language errors in research papersHave you done these critical metadata checks for your research paper?How AI can improve the academic writing experienceTop English editing tools according to the University of CambridgeA comparative analysis of 5 AI editing tools for researchersAddressing the Language Tax in Academic Writing7 Tips to create the best research paper titleThe power of women in research: Celebrating female trailblazersWhen and how to write an email to a journal editorHow to write effective brief communicationsPaperpal’s 7 most read research reads of 2022Quality vs. Quantity of corrections: Choose your AI writing tool wisely!Paperpal partners with Aries Systems to simplify research writing and editingLanguage editing tools for researchers: 5 Reasons to choose PaperpalWriting tools for researchers: Are AI language editing tools accurate?Language editing: Paperpal introduces ‘Extensive’ and ‘Essential’ editing modesChoosing the right AI-based academic writing assistant: A handy checklistAcademic translation simplified! Paperpal introduces “Translate” feature aimed at ESL researchersInter vs. intra: Differences, examples, definitionsContinually vs. continuously: The fine line between the two wordsAdapt vs. adopt: A comparisonWeek vs. weak: Bringing out the distinction4 Common errors in English writing when translating text and how to fix theseDifferences between editing and proofreadingWriting Consistency Checks: Paperpal automates another tedious step in manuscript writingPaperpal launches Prime Pack to offer more than writing assistanceManuscript editing simplified: Paperpal for Manuscript delivers precision at its bestPaperpal for Manuscript: Unique features to help you get submission-readyPhD dissertation outline: Creating a roadmap to successDifferences between British English and American English: Get it right with Paperpal!How to avoid desk rejection: Stop making these 5 mistakes10-point manuscript checklist to ensure high-quality journal submissionsHow to write a cover letter for journal submissionHow to choose and write reasons supporting your peer reviewer recommendationsHow to write a personal statement for graduate schoolHow to write a persuasive grant proposalPaperpal partners with the American Accounting Association for a smooth author submission journeyBecome a better scientific writer with Paperpal’s Writing TipsAI in Publishing and the Future of Academic WritingEnhance your research paper with a comprehensive English language checkUsing metaphors in academic writing6 Common word choice errors in academic writingComma splice: Definition, examples and rulesPrinciple vs. principal: How are they different?There, their, they’re: How are they different?How to avoid incomplete comparisonsThe appropriate use of affect and effectDuplicate publications: What every researcher needs to know9 Tips to improve readability and language in your research paperConfusing elements of a research paper that trip up most academics5 PhD thesis writing myths that may be holding researchers backHow to overcome writer’s block and build your academic writing skillsHow to write an academic essay with referencesHow to write an effective statement of the problemProofreading dissertations: Key strategies to optimize the processImportance of manuscript submission readiness checklistsShortlisting a PhD thesis topic: 4 useful tips for studentsKnow the difference: PhD thesis v/s PhD dissertationTransition phrases in academic writingParallelism in academic writing: What is faulty parallelism and its typesDangling modifiers and how to avoid them in your writingWhat is the difference between advice and advise?How and when to use ‘then’ vs ‘than’ [with examples]6 Simple steps to convert a PhD thesis into a journal articleDecoding the difference between insure and ensureThe difference between although and though simplifiedBreaking down the difference between further and fartherDo you overlook these key elements when writing a research manuscript?Know the difference: Quoting, Paraphrasing and SummarizingPaperpal for Manuscript: Get 30+ key language and technical checks in one placeHow to fix sentence fragments in your writingPhD thesis first draft: 8 practical writing tips for PhD studentsHow to present data and statistics in your research paper: Language mattersBeside vs. besides: Is there a difference?Fewer vs. less: Let’s clear up the confusionDose vs. dosage: Are the two words different?How to know and write for the right audience in academic writingHow this AI writing tool can help you polish your academic writingHow to write a research paper outline: Simple steps for researchersDifferences between qualitative and quantitative researchUnderstanding the difference between to and too7 simple e-mail etiquette rules that every researcher must knowQuotation marks: When and how to use quotations in academic writingAbbreviations in research: Common errors in academic writing5 Essential research paper grammar checks every author must doHow to check tables and figures in research papers before submissionAcademic vocabulary: Find the right academic synonyms in one click with PaperpalManuscript submission: Get your pre-submission checks right with Paperpal!How Paperpal can help with manuscript publishing successStruggling with citation and references in research papers? Automate your checks with PaperpalAllusion vs. illusion: Making out the differenceMastering the difference between the usage of which vs. thatWhat is an imperative sentence?Does your paper have all the key declarations for journal submission?Misplaced apostrophes: How to use apostrophes correctlyYour vs. you’re: How to use your and you’re correctlyWhat is the Oxford comma and when do you use it?A guide to the correct use of synonyms in writing
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