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Whether you’re a student studying for a doctorate or master’s degree, your lecturer’s priority is enhancing your understanding of a particular research topic or discipline. But what about perfecting the language you use to communicate this knowledge?

Developing the right academic writing skills can be a challenge when you’re struggling with PhD thesis writing
or essay writing for students. Some of the most common stumbling blocks include:

Lexical issues and
incorrect spelling

Content structure
and layout

Grammar and


Academic essay writing for students, including doctoral dissertation writing and PhD thesis editing, are basic academic writing skills students are expected to have. Imagine after putting in years of work, how disappointing it would be to be tripped up by avoidable language and grammar issues. We want YOU to succeed. Paperpal, a trusted AI writing assistant, transforms academic writing for students with real-time English editing tips from the first draft itself. Move closer to your goals when you improve your language and grammar, enhance your writing style, and ensure overall clarity with our subject-specific writing and editing recommendations.

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Develops your essential academic writing skills

Your dissertation or thesis is probably the longest, most challenging piece of content you’ll write as a PhD student. Whether you are aiming for top marks or looking to publish in a reputed journal, developing strong PhD thesis writing skills will lay the foundation for your academic success.

But with detailed research and looming deadlines, we also understand how overwhelming PhD thesis writing and proofreading can be. A 2020 Pearson survey of more than 1,700 students found that at least 33% felt they lacked the ability to spot potential errors in their academic writing and struggled to reach out for support when needed.

This is where Paperpal for Word comes in with comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, and readability suggestions, giving you the power to improve and speed up the academic writing process as you write. You also get detailed English writing tips that explain errors and how to fix them, which helps you strengthen your academic writing skills over time.

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed
Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Reduces time on editing and proofreading for students

It is a well-known adage that PhD thesis writing is 25% writing and 75% revision. It’s not enough to know your subject, conduct research, and reach conclusions; how you showcase your research can be the difference between a mediocre and a great paper!

When working on your thesis or dissertation, remember first impressions count. Your grammar, spelling, and structure are just as important as your research question and methodology, so it’s critical to get this right. With subject-specific suggestions to improve your academic writing skills, Paperpal can improve and speed up essay writing for students. The thorough language check and detailed editing recommendations helps to polish your document and further reduces the time spent on proofreading for students. Submitting the best version of your paper can minimize feedback during the evaluation stage and even boost your overall score.

Goes beyond a grammar check to give you better results

Finding an online sentence checker or a basic grammar and language tool is easy. What you really need is a smart AI writing assistant that understands your work and what you’re trying to achieve. Paperpal recognizes the importance of academic writing for graduate students and helps you improve your academic writing skills from the all-important first draft itself.

Basic English editing is not enough for budding researchers. This is where Paperpal, tailored to academic writing conventions, is the perfect AI writing assistant for students. Imagine the benefits of having key insights, based on millions of pre- and post-edited manuscripts, right at your fingertips! For instance, using Paperpal for Word for your PhD thesis writing will give you the grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary checks most online tools offer. But Paperpal delves even deeper with suggestions on how to rephrase sentences, improve article structure, and other such edits to polish your writing. This not only takes your academic writing skills up a notch, it saves the countless hours you would otherwise spend editing your work.

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Everyone needs support with academic writing and English editing now and then. Let us help!

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Paperpal for Word

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Paperpal for Web

Experience Paperpal in Word and on Web

Paperpal for Word is free and easy to install, just click on the ‘Paperpal for Word’ button to get started. Those who do not want to deal with our Word add-in will like our easy to use online English language editing tool. Paperpal for Web allows you to write, copy or upload your text into the browser and receive instant language and grammar fixes to polish your thesis or dissertation.

Students who are ready with a fully completed article, can check their submission readiness with Paperpal for Manuscript. This handy tool allows you to upload the final draft of your article or PhD thesis and download a Word document with all the relevant corrections and suggestions incorporated in tracked changes. With just a few clicks, you save on the hours of time you would have otherwise spent assessing and revising your article for submission. This trusted AI writing assistant also allows you to revise and check the same article multiple times at no additional cost!

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Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

Kick-start your publishing journey

One study by a Harvard research team (Evans et al., 2018) on the outcomes of psychology doctoral dissertations estimated only 25% of the theses submitted are published in peer-reviewed journals. Converting your PhD dissertation into a journal article is hard work for students. You need to restructure your article and ensure it meets the target journal’s very specific technical requirements, including referencing style and manuscript structure. This is not easy and not everyone gets it right.

Journal manuscript submissions often get desk rejected because they don’t pass the basic technical checks. With already lengthy submission turnaround times, desk rejection due to often avoidable issues further delays your journey to publication success.

We know how frustrating these delays can be, so we’re inspiring change. Paperpal’s AI tools can help speed up and improve the academic writing, English editing, and journal submission process for students and researchers. Not only can Paperpal refine your academic writing skills, it helps you ensure your article meets the language and technical requirements for publication.

The smartest way to
submission readiness

If you’re ready with a research manuscript and are struggling with final checks before you submit, Paperpal for Manuscript can help. All you need to do is upload your paper and Paperpal’s AI will do a thorough check before presenting you with a detailed evaluation with all the issues flagged. For just $29, you can download a comprehensively edited version of your article with all errors marked up, allowing you to review and revise your document in minutes. You can review and accept suggested changes and check your revised manuscript as many times as needed to get it submission ready, at no extra cost.

From PhD thesis writing to getting published in top journals, we’re here to help!

Paperpal uses cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed

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