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Free AI Essay Writer and Outline Generator for Students

Confidently write well-structured, high-quality content with Paperpal’s free essay maker and essay outline generator.

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Why Paperpal is the Best AI Essay Writer for Students

  • icon Trained on millions of scholarly articles to help students write faster, better, and ethically
  • icon Based on 21+ years of STM experience, ensuring precise edits on par with human experts
  • icon Comprehensive support to boost writing productivity and accelerate academic excellence
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Available on MS Word & Web
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Overcome writer’s block with essay outline generator

Supercharge your writing with our essay outline generator and tailored suggestions that help you turn your notes and ideas into a compelling narrative and write essays, assignments, and papers 2x faster.

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Develop your essay with science-backed answers

Build your content with Paperpal’s new Research feature. Ask research questions and get summarized fact-based answers with verified citations from over 250 million research articles as you write essays.

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Produce clear, concise, and polished essays in minutes

Paraphrase to add variety, ensure the right academic tone, and trim word counts without changing the original meaning. Then use our language and grammar check to refine and proofread your essays.

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Avoid accidental plagiarism with a trusted plagiarism check

Deliver your best, original writing with our online plagiarism checker, which gives you a similarity score and color-coded results and helps you avoid penalties for unintentional or self-plagiarism.

Available on MS Word & Web

How to Use AI Essay Writer to Streamline the Writing Process
Paperpal will never write entire essays for you. It is designed to guide and enhance the writing process so you can confidently deliver authentic, high-quality academic content.
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Register on Paperpal

Click here to create your free Paperpal account and access the AI essay writer and a suite of powerful writing tools, built to take your essay writing to the next level.
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Generate Essay Outlines

Navigate to the Outlines section and input your notes; our essay outline generator will use this to instantly provide a framework to help organize your ideas.
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Research and Write

Use the academic essay outline as a roadmap to get science-backed answers to your research questions with verified citations to speed up the writing process.
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Paraphrase and Trim Text

Rewrite essays to add variation, maintain the proper academic tone and style, and eliminate wordiness without changing the intended meaning.
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Fix Language and Grammar

Enhance how you write essays with real-time subject-specific language suggestions and in-depth grammar correction to polish your text as you write.
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Ensure Consistency

Improve readability by identifying and correcting any stylistic errors and inconsistencies in your academic essay with Paperpal’s academic consistency checks.
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Check for Plagiarism

Once you write essays, upload it to Paperpal's online plagiarism checker to identify any instances of accidental or self-plagiarism that could lead to serious penalties.
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Review and Enhance

Address issues highlighted in the plagiarism report by adding relevant citations and rewriting text in your own words to deliver original, authentic essays.

Start Writing - It's Free!

Write Better, Faster with Paperpal’s Free AI Essay Writer

Achieve academic excellence and write all types of essays with Paperpal by your side.

AI essay writer

Write all essay types, rewrite, trim & fix academic tone in minutes


Essay outlines, science-backed answers, titles, summaries & more

In-depth checks

Language, grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, plagiarism

Accuracy guaranteed

Tailored to enhance academic writing for students & researchers

Available on MS Word and Web

Paperpal is More Than an AI Essay Generator

Revolutionize your writing with generative AI assistance, translate accurately, rewrite in minutes, and check for plagiarism with Paperpal’s all-in-one academic writing toolkit.

feature imageOnline Grammar Checker

Paperpal’s free grammar checker saves time and effort by quickly identifying and correcting complex grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation issues.

feature imageAI Academic Translation

With Paperpal’s online translation tool, non-native English speakers can achieve high-quality academic text by translating from 25+ languages to English.

feature imageGenerative AI Assistant

Paperpal’s secure generative AI technology helps authors write confidently, save time, and deliver high-quality, reliable, and original content, every time.

feature imagePlagiarism Detection

Paperpal’s plagiarism checker scans your text and instantly delivers a detailed report and similarity score to help you address problem areas, avoid unintended plagiarism, and uphold academic integrity.

feature imagePre-Submission Checks

Rely on Paperpal’s comprehensive manuscript checks, including 30+ language quality and technical compliance assessments, to help you confidently meet the highest journal submission standards.

Available on MS Word & Web

How Paperpal Outperforms Other
AI Essay Generators 

Academics trust Paperpal’s AI essay writer for its high accuracy, quality, coverage, and effectiveness. 

AI Algorithms
Blends in-built AI models and external LLM technology to provide tailored assistance 
May be based on basic AI models with limited capacity to adapt and support users 
Domain Expertise
Understands academic context; AI trained on scholarly data and 21+ years of STM experience provides precise academic writing support  
Usually lack subject-matter understanding; offer incorrect suggestions or fabricated data making them unsuitable for academic writing use cases
AI Assistance
Comprehensive suite of AI features that empower authors to excel at every step of the academic writing journey
Many tools work as content generators, with handpicked features that may be irrelevant for academic writing  
Prompt Reliability
Intuitive in-built academic writing prompts to ensure more reliable, optimized outputs
Major variations in the responses generated depending on how you frame the prompt 
Responsible AI
Designed to strengthen author’s writing abilities, not replace them; advocates careful review of AI content before use
Other AI tools may promote content generation capabilities, instead of guiding users through the writing journey.
User Friendly
Simple accessible platform, with one-click functions, which speed up the academic writing process
User interfaces may vary in terms of design, accessibility, usability compared to Paperpal
Available on MS Word & Web 

Paperpal AI Essay Writer: Frequently Asked Questions

Paperpal does not generate full texts; it is designed to boost your writing productivity and enhance your academic content without every taking over the writing process. The essay outline generator uses your notes/ideas to generate a framework with sentence suggestions to help you write essay and assignments. When using the AI essay writer, avoid using any AI-generated text as-is; check whether it is accurate, relevant, and fits your specific context, and refine the content to maintain your own authentic voice.

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