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Your Academic Manuscript Has a New Best Friend

Experience the power of AI language correction. Get instant feedback at a fraction of the cost of regular editing!


Get instant language suggestions for your academic text with this online grammar checker.


Check your text against technical requirements specific to the journal you are submitting to.


Get suggestions in your text editor as you’re typing. Coming soon!

The technology that powers Paperpal

We use cutting-edge machine learning trained on millions of editorial corrections performed by our industry-leading board of editors, to provide suggestions for improvements on par with those provided by a human editor.

We provide superior suggestions and recommendations that help you write better manuscripts faster by comparing your writing to millions of published papers and every manuscript ever submitted to the world’s leading preprint servers and journals.

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We’re hiring!

We are always looking for talented people to join our team and help build amazing products. We currently have 3 open positions:

Senior Product Manager

Paperpal Product Managers are the engine of our Development Teams.

With highly distributed teams, our product managers help bring team members from different parts of the world together, rallying everyone around our frequent product releases.

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Product Designer (UI/UX)

As a product designer at Paperpal, you will be responsible for designing early-stage products

You’ll work with a passionate team of developers to bring new features and improvements from ideas to reality.

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UX Researcher

As a UX researcher at Paperpal, you will help inform product design decisions to create world class user experiences.

You’ll work with a passionate team to bring new features from ideas to reality.

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