Paperpal Launches Prime Pack to Offer More Than Writing Assistance

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Paperpal launches Prime Pack to offer more than writing assistance

Paperpal, an AI writing assistant, has introduced a freemium model to better support researchers working on their academic manuscripts. Academics can now upgrade to Paperpal Prime, which has more features as compared to the Essentials Pack that provides 500 free language suggestions each month through the Web platform and the MS Word add-in. In addition to unlocking unlimited language suggestions, Paperpal Prime gives researchers access to over 15 other benefits tailored to support their manuscript writing journey and deliver submission-ready papers.

Designed specifically for researchers and academic writing, Paperpal’s AI writing assistant provides suggestions to improve technical writing style, maintain consistency in American and British spelling, research-focused writing tips, and contextual synonyms taken from previously published literature. The aim is to help research authors eliminate avoidable language errors, such as incorrect grammar, faulty word choice, inappropriate phrasing, which often lead to journal rejection. In fact, Paperpal has been voted among the best and the most appealing writing partner for researchers in an independent analysis of seven writing tools by the University of Cambridge.

Take the first step towards academic writing excellence. Switch to Paperpal Prime

Paperpal Prime is perfect for those who require support for lengthy research articles and need more than the 500 free suggestions available per month. The Prime Pack is particularly useful for those with English as a second language and PhD candidates writing their theses, which can range between 100 and 300 pages in length. Universities and institutes who want to provide this AI writing assistant to their students and researchers can also purchase bulk Paperpal Prime subscriptions to make sure there are no interruptions when using our powerful AI-powered language checks.

“Academic writing is notoriously challenging, [but] many of the language tools available are generic, meaning they may not understand the nuances of different disciplines. Designed specifically for academic writing, Paperpal offers in-depth feedback beyond basic grammar, along with suggestions that improve clarity and flow of text. The feedback we’ve had from our users so far has been excellent,” said Charlotte Baptista, Product Head of Language Automation at Paperpal. “Paperpal Prime is the next stage in the academic writing revolution. Our new user model removes the barriers academics face when accessing technical writing support, so we can help manuscript writers improve the quality of their work and minimize the risk of desk rejection.”

Paperpal Prime helps unify researcher-focused solutions under Researcher.Life, a sister brand under Cactus Communications. Through this subscription-based platform, researchers can access over 15 carefully curated benefits that ensure assistance and support at every stage of their journey. Trusted by more than 2 million researchers across the globe, Researcher.Life brings together some of the top brands in the academic space, including Paperpal, Editage, Mind The Graph, Kudos, Scholarcy, and Scite among others. Unlock uninterrupted access to precise suggestions that follow all academic writing conventions. Get the Paperpal Prime Pack now at just $99 per year.

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