Gift $10, Get $10: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Paperpal

by Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Paperpal Thanksgiving Referral

Paperpal has just crossed the remarkable milestone of 500,000 users globally, and we couldn’t be happier. We want to celebrate this achievement with you, so this Thanksgiving, we’re presenting you with a special gift that you will value and love. We invite you to refer Paperpal to your friends and peers this Thanksgiving so they can experience the future of academic writing.

This Thanksgiving, experience the joy of Paperpal

Paperpal has been a reliable companion for 500,000+ students and researchers worldwide, offering efficient generative AI writing support, language editing expertise, and submission readiness checks tailored to meet their academic writing needs. Trained on millions of published research articles and designed specifically for academics by a team of experts with 20+ years of STM experience, Paperpal has emerged as the AI tool academics can trust.

With its suite of intuitive features tailored to support you at every step, Paperpal is the only AI academic writing assistant you will need to go from the first draft to final submission readiness.

Ask Paperpal GenerateRewrite Check & RefineBe Submission Ready
Overcome your writing block by brainstorming ideas, get on-point assistance on varied topics, and access expert tips for research writing.Benefit from the instant outlines, paper titles, abstracts, summaries, study highlights, keywords, and a variety of email templates. Refine your text by paraphrasing to add variety, ensure correct academic tone, or trim length to meet journal word limits.Enhance your academic writing with granular checks for English language, grammar, word choice, phrasing, consistency, and more!Polish your manuscript with 30+ pre-submission checks that help you eliminate language errors and technical issues, boosting your chance of acceptance.

Paperpal is available where most academics write. Choose to get real-time writing support with Paperpal for Word or refine and edit on the go with Paperpal for Web. If you have an article ready to submit, be sure to run it through Paperpal for Manuscript for a complete language and technical compliance check that can help you avoid desk rejection and boost your chance of journal acceptance.

As esteemed users of Paperpal, you would already be well-acquainted with the quality, efficiency, and simplicity this AI writing assistant brings to your academic writing process. Now, in this season of gratitude and joy, take a moment to share this gift with your peers, colleagues, and friends in academia who would benefit from the real-time expertise Paperpal offers.

Gift $10, Get $10 – Refer a Friend and Enjoy Savings Together

By referring Paperpal to your academic community, you are not only helping them achieve academic writing excellence, but you are also giving them more time, better productivity, and a faster path to success. The best part is you get rewarded by Paperpal for every friend who claims their gift!

Eager to share the Paperpal goodness with your friends and make Thanksgiving more special? Follow these three simple steps to refer now.

  1. Sign up on Paperpal and invite your friends to join via email or by sharing a unique link.
  2. When your friend buys Paperpal Prime using your referral link, they get an instant $10 discount.
  3. Once your friend gets Paperpal Prime, you will earn a $10 coupon, which can be used to upgrade to a Paperpal Prime monthly or annual plan.

A chance to earn more rewards: Remember, for every friend or colleague who uses your referral link to subscribe to Paperpal Prime, you get an additional $10 coupon. This is your chance to strengthen your professional network, help your connections write better and faster, and get rewarded in the process!

This Thanksgiving, go beyond tradition and gift your network the efficiency of Paperpal. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes, streamlining their communication and enhancing their professional journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I participate in the referral program?

You can check out our Refer & Earn page and invite your friends to try Paperpal now. Ensure you share the unique link to your contacts.

Q: Can I refer an existing Paperpal user?

You can only earn rewards if you refer friends and colleagues who have not used Paperpal before. We are keen on having more people experience the power of Paperpal to enhance their academic content.

Q: When do I receive my $10 coupon?

Once your friend or colleague subscribes to Paperpal Prime using your unique referral link, you will automatically be credited $10. You can check the coupons you’ve earned in the Tracking section and on Checkout page when upgrading to a Prime plan.

Q: Does my friend also receive a $10 discount?

Yes, once your friend or colleague subscribes to Paperpal Prime using your unique link, they will receive a $10 discount on their order.

Q: Is there any limit on the number of people I can refer?

Absolutely! You can make unlimited referrals, but you will only get rewarded if an individual uses your unique link to get Paperpal Prime. You can use these reward coupons to maximize savings on your own Paperpal Prime plan. 

Q: How long are my coupons valid for?

The referral coupons are valid for 3 months only, so be sure to ask your friends to explore Paperpal to claim your rewards.

📞 Have More Questions?

Your journey to a more productive and connected professional life starts with a simple referral. If you have questions that have not been answered above or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to ensure your Paperpal experience is as smooth as possible.

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