Introducing Paperpal Copilot: Prime Members Get Early Access to Generative AI for Academic Writing

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Introducing Paperpal Copilot: Prime Members Get Early Access to Generative AI for Academic Writing

The future of academic writing has arrived, and it’s called Paperpal Copilot. Ever wanted an AI tool that can understand and guide your academic writing process, enhance your research content, and empower your research journey, without worrying about AI hallucination and data privacy? The answer is Paperpal Copilot, a revolutionary generative-AI-powered academic writing companion that ensures you, the author, take centerstage. We’re making this revolutionary solution available to our Prime members a full two weeks before we take it to the world!

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Introducing Paperpal Copilot

Academic writing is hard, but it’s a skill every student and researcher has to master. With 20+ years supporting researchers on their publication journey, we know that this is easier said than done. After an overwhelming response to Paperpal’s Rewrite and Trim features, we’ve risen to the challenge and developed Paperpal Copilot to provide academics with a passport to a whole new era of academic writing excellence. 

Paperpal Copilot is powered by our proprietary large-learning models (LLMs) trained on millions of published research papers. This groundbreaking generative AI tool automates several key tasks to save time, boost overall productivity, and transform the way academics research and write.

Write 2x more in half the time. Try Paperpal Copilot today!

Deliver 2x the Writing in Half the Time with Paperpal Copilot

With Paperpal Copilot, you will be able to Generate outlines and emails, Rewrite and refine research text, and Ask Paperpal to guide you on your academic writing process. We plan to release several great features over the next few weeks, starting with a handy set of features designed to help you deliver 2x the writing in half the time!

Outlines for research articles, case reports, essays, etc.Paraphrase and add variety to your text while retaining the intended meaning, numbers, and styleGet instant assistance with writing topics, presentation ideas, and tips to go about your research
Titles that capture the crux of your research effectivelyTrim long winding sentences or paragraphs to meet stringent journal word counts 
Abstracts that bring together key points in the right format and structureEnsure correct academic tone in line with recommended academic writing conventions 
Keywords that work to make your research writing more discoverable online 
Summaries of the main points in from your text into one paragraph  
Study highlights as a list to speed up comprehension  
Emails to collaborators and journal editors that are professional and effective  

How is Paperpal Copilot different from other generative AI tools?

Most general writing tools, including ChatGPT and generative AI tools, come with their own limitations and challenges when it comes to academic writing. Paperpal Copilot was meticulously designed to overcome these issues and provide academics with better, more reliable support.

Overcome writer’s block, generate brilliant content. Try Paperpal’s trusted AI for academics.

5 Things You Never Need to Worry About with Paperpal Copilot

With Paperpal Copilot, we’ve used our two decades of experience in academic publishing to provide an unmatched experience with targeted support to help you write with confidence. Here are 5 things you won’t have to worry about anymore when you choose Paperpal Copilot.

  1. Data security problems: We understand the need to ensure your research is kept completely confidential and secure, which is why we’ve got multiple layers of security and encryption to safeguard your research data.
  2. Unpredictable output: Paperpal has benchmarked a large number of prompts, factoring in complex considerations, to remove the unpredictability seen in AI and guarantee highly reliable results, every time.
  3. Pressure to write prompts: Our intuitive prompts, tried and tested by experts, remove the need and pressure to learn how to write prompts. With Paperpal Copilot, you simply select the text and tap on the relevant features to instantly get the best results.
  4. Dreaded writer’s block: Paperpal helps researchers overcome the blank page syndrome by generating topic ideas and outlines in minutes. By giving authors a strong starting point, we aim to empower them to harness their creativity and improve their writing skills.
  5. Lack of guidance and support – If you’re feeling stuck for ideas or need advice on how to conduct research, we’ve got you covered. Simply Ask Paperpal to help guide you; it’s like having an expert to support with anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have the best experience with Paperpal Copilot, which is why we’ve pre-empted your queries by answering the most common questions about this generative AI solutions suite.

Q. What’s new for me as a Paperpal Prime user?

The Paperpal Prime subscription gives you unlimited, uninterrupted access to Paperpal’s suite of tools, including Paperpal Copilot. Simply login to your account and click on the Generate, Rewrite, or Ask Paperpal tab to select a feature and get started. (Note: Paraphrase and Trim features are now available under the broader Rewrite tab). Combine features to write more confidently and become a better writer over time!

Q. Is Paperpal based on ChatGPT or GPT 3.5 models?

Paperpal does not use any of the ChatGPT or OpenAI large language models. We have developed and use our own secure and proprietary suite of specialized AI, with generative AI models fully trained on scholarly data and published research articles.

Q. Will my data be used for training Paperpal AI?

Unlike other generative AI tools, Paperpal will never use your data to train its AI models. You’ll have full control over the data you use for Paperpal Copilot and language checks. We recognize the need for total confidentiality and have multiple checks in place, so rest assured when you use Paperpal. 

Q. How secure is my research on the Paperpal platform?

Your research data never leaves Paperpal’s servers, which ensures it will always be safe from misuse and correctly attributed to you. Moreover, you own the copyright for all content you produce using Paperpal. We’re committed to ensuring 100% protection for your research, read about Paperpal’s terms of use and data security policies to safeguard your research here

Q. Will Paperpal-enhanced text pass checks for AI generated content?

It’s not necessarily bad to be flagged by AI detectors as they help ensure your writing is authentic and credible. This is why we encourage authors to take Paperpal output as a starting point and refine and rewrite AI generated text to express ideas in their own unique style and voice. That being said, AI detectors are still in the early stages of development and should be used as a reference, not an accurate assessment. For example, one check for AI detector falsely claimed the US Constitution was generated by AI!

Q. Will my Paperpal edited document be flagged as plagiarized?

It’s rare for Paperpal-edited documents or text to be flagged by plagiarism checkers, unless the original manuscript has been copied. At a sentence level, however, as rewrites suggested by Paperpal follow standard sentence construction guidelines for academic writing, there’s a small chance that a plagiarism checker for AI generated text may highlight individual sentences or phrases as resembling published literature.

We’re just getting started…

Now that you’ve got a glimpse into Paperpal Copilot, it’s time to supercharge your academic writing. Be among the first to explore and harness its transformative capabilities and gain an unparalleled advantage over your peers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve got some exciting features lined up that will take your research writing journey to new heights. Explore Paperpal Copilot now and tell us what you think! If you have any questions or suggestions, write in to and we’ll respond promptly.

If you haven’t explored our AI academic writing assistant yet, try Paperpal now for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime now to shape the future of your academic success.

Paperpal is a comprehensive AI writing assistant that help academics write better, faster with real-time suggestions for in-depth language and grammar correction. Trained on millions of research manuscripts enhanced by professional academic editors, Paperpal delivers human precision at machine speed.  

Try it for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime, which unlocks unlimited access to premium features like plagiarism checks, academic translation, paraphrasing, contextual synonyms, consistency checks and more. It’s like always having a professional academic editor by your side! Go beyond limitations and experience the future of academic writing. Get Paperpal Prime now at just US$19 a month! 

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