Research Outlines: How to Write An Introduction Section in Minutes with Paperpal Copilot

by Shardool Nair
Research Outlines: How to Write The Introduction Section in Minutes with Paperpal Copilot

Research writing is a challenging task that requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity. You need to find relevant sources, synthesize information, organize your ideas, and present them in a clear and convincing way based on recommended research paper templates. But what if you could speed up your research writing process with research outlines from a smart AI writing assistant?

That’s where Paperpal Copilot comes in! Paperpal Copilot is a trusted generative AI writing assistant for academics. It can help you with various aspects of research writing, such as generating research paper outlines and drafts, to improve and speed up your writing.1 Paperpal Copilot offers a set of  Generate-focused features, including an outline builder that provides custom outlines and research paper templates to speed up your research writing. With these simple outlines, you can write your research paper 2x faster.

In this article, we will show you how to supercharge your writing process with Paperpal Copilot to create high-quality, well-structured research papers in half the time and with none of the stress. To start with, we’ll explain how to write an Introduction section in minutes using our research introduction outline. The same process can be used to write each section of your research paper.

How to Use Paperpal Copilot Outlines to Write Your Research Paper

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use the Outlines feature in the Generate section inside Paperpal Copilot to draft a strong Introduction section of a research article.

1. Open Paperpal Copilot inside Word or on the browser. Click on Paperpal Copilot > Generate > Outlines.

Create research paper outlines in minutes with Paperpal. Start writing now!

2. In the Outlines tab, click on Research article, and choose Introduction from the research paper templates.

3. Consider that you have managed to draft a short paragraph as a brief description on the topic of your research—in this case: the impact of climate change on human health. Paperpal Copilot’s tailored academic generative AI solution will use this text to suggest a research introduction outline that can be used to expand the above snippet into a structured, cohesive Introduction section.

4. On clicking the Generate button, Paperpal Copilot instantly gives you a comprehensive research introduction outline that is structured under specific sub-sections. It also provides sentence templates that you can use to begin writing the Introduction section of your paper.

Write academic tone research introductions in minutes. Try Paperpal Copilot today!

5. You can then insert and modify these structured and tailored suggestions to further expand on your ideas and develop the Introduction section. Use the same process to get research paper outline templates for each article section and jumpstart your manuscript writing.

Before and After Using Paperpal Copilot Outlines to Write Your Introduction

This is an example of how you can begin writing the Introduction section, and other sections of your research paper, with a mere 100-150 words of your rudimentary draft and use the Paperpal Copilot Outlines feature to draft your entire research paper in a faster, smarter way. See the screenshots below to see the before and after versions of the Introduction section.

Before: The original text that you began with
After incorporating the research introduction outline suggested by Paperpal Copilot alongside your own modifications

Why and How We Built the Paperpal Copilot Outlines Feature

At Paperpal, we believe that the power of choice and creative freedom should rest with our users, which is why we have taken the conscious decision to only provide research paper templates and outlines rather than letting the AI draft the entire section/paper for you. This puts YOU in charge, with the complete freedom to tailor the content of your paper to reflect your own ideas and voice.

To empower authors to do this, Paperpal performed a linguistic extraction and analysis of opening phrases for different sections of a research paper across various scientific domains. These phrases were then manually curated and tagged in detail by a team of 500+ experts. These meticulously tagged templates are then adapted to fit the general structure and framework of the different IMRAD sections, ensuring the research ideas are cohesive and flow well. For example, the Introduction section of a research paper is expected to have a background sentence, topic importance statement, information of existing knowledge, what are the knowledge gaps on the topic, the rationale for the study, etc., which is exactly what Paperpal Copilot suggests. This approach ensures a proper hierarchy and flow of scientific information within a section, making your job as author much easier.

So no more looking at a blank slate, struggling with contemplation and decision-making dilemmas on where and how to start writing your paper. With Paperpal Copilot’s research paper outline templates, you can supercharge the process to achieve 2x the writing in half the time. If you haven’t explored this yet, now is the chance. Start writing today with Paperpal Copilot – your trusted advisor and assistant in your academic journey!


  1. George, E.O., Introducing Paperpal Copilot: Prime Members Get Early Access to Generative AI for Academic Writing.2023.

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