Peer Review Week 2023: Don’t Miss the World’s Largest Scholarly Publishing Event

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Peer Review Week 2023: Be part of the largest scholarly publishing event

It’s time for Peer Review Week 2023 (September 25-29), when the global research community comes together to discuss the top trends in peer review and scholarly publishing. This year, the evolving landscape of academic research, with rapid advancements in Open Access, Open Science, Artificial Intelligence, and collaborations among researchers worldwide has raised the need to re-evaluate peer review processes. It’s no wonder that the Peer Review Week 2023 theme, chosen through an open poll, is Peer Review and the Future of Publishing.

In this transformative time, it’s critical for stakeholders across the scholarly ecosystem to proactively partner to ensure that peer review evolves to continue being one of the most powerful tools for evaluating the rigor, credibility, and interest of scholarly research. As a valuable member of our Paperpal community, we invite you to join us for Peer Review Week 2023!

Why you should be a part of Peer Review Week 2023

Scholarly publishing is entering a new era of radical change. And the fact that the global researcher community is discussing the future of academic publishing, covering the main trends, innovations, and how to prepare for a brighter future makes Peer Review Week 2023 an unmissable event. Here’s why you should be a part of one of the largest academic events in the world.

  • Delve into the seismic shifts and rapid developments in scholarly publishing. This will allow you to understand how these changes can impact your work and find collaborative solutions that nurture innovation and fuel progress.
  • Engage in discussions on maintaining the integrity of peer review, with effective strategies to uphold research credibility, align with ethical requirements, and navigate challenges amid an evolving publishing landscape.
  • Stay in the forefront of emerging trends and best practices that are shaping the future of academia and reflect on how the scholarly community must adapt to thrive in response to these dynamic changes.
  • Learn collaboratively, exchange ideas, and cultivate invaluable networks when you join a vibrant community of researchers, experts and thought leaders; this is a great way to drive your research and career forward.

The cherry on top? This event is entirely free. So, don’t wait, register for Peer Review Week 2023!

What Peer Review Week 2023 has in store for you

We are absolutely thrilled to share that CACTUS, our parent organization, is once again taking a leading role in this prestigious event, co-chairing Peer Review Week 2023 again this year. We’re also excited to announce a game-changing partnership with EASE (European Association of Science Editors), who will be joining us as an event partner this year, making for an exciting event that you won’t want to miss.

Our vision for this year is nothing short of extraordinary and the week has been carefully planned with the Editage and Paperpal community in mind. Envision an immersive virtual experience and five days packed with captivating ideas and interesting discussions on the future of publishing. It’s a great opportunity to explore diverse facets, embrace cutting-edge technological advancements, and open your mind to fresh perspectives that will revolutionize our understanding of peer review.

Here’s what you can expect during Peer Review Week 2023:

  1. Join live panel discussions with thought leaders: Gain interesting insights as industry and academic experts discuss trends and share their views on the challenges and opportunities in modern peer review.
  2. Claim your Peer Reviewer Toolkit: Receive a meticulously crafted toolkit with expert tips and valuable resources; it basically includes everything you will need to boost your peer review skills.
  3. Enjoy access to rich multimedia content: Unlock exclusive interviews to videos, infographics to session recordings and more that will keep you updated on key highlights from the week-long global event.

This is a unique moment in scholarly publishing, and the Paperpal team invites you to be part of it. Join scholars, publishers, societies, and institutions worldwide who are gearing up for an exhilarating week filled with engaging dialogues, interactive sessions, and profound insights into the ever-evolving realm of peer review. Let’s make history together, join us for Peer Review Week 2023 now!

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