Language Editing Tools for Researchers: 5 Reasons to Choose Paperpal

by Dyanne Fernandes
Language editing tools for researchers: 5 Reasons to choose Paperpal

AI language editing tools are increasingly being used to ensure clear, error-free writing and there are several of these in the market. The pressing question is this – Among all the AI writing tools on offer, which one’s best suited to your needs as an academic researcher? In a 2022 University of Cambridge whitepaper titled ‘Comparison of Automated English Editing Tools,’ Principal Research Associate Dora Alexopoulou indicated that Paperpal stood out among 6 other tools.1  

Paperpal was designed and conceptualized with academic writing in mind. Its underlying AI has been trained on millions of manuscripts edited by professional academic editors, with extensive experience in enhancing manuscripts to meet the requirements set by top journals. This is what makes Paperpal the preferred AI writing tool for researchers looking for a Grammarly alternative that more than general academic language editing.  

There are several factors that give Paperpal an edge over other AI writing tools in the market, which may be less suited to academic content. Based on the Cambridge whitepaper, we did our own sampling test test to evaluate Paperpal vs Grammarly (Academic mode), a well-known online language and grammar checker, and here are the results. 

  1. Paperpal offers double the language suggestions. We randomly sampled a sentence from a research manuscript and ran it on Grammarly and Paperpal. Grammarly suggested no improvements, while Paperpal offered writing improvements for a more academic tone (“would like” revised to “aimed”) and for conciseness (“squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus” revised to “esophageal squamous cell carcinoma”).  



  1. Paperpal edits follow a more inclusive writing practice. In the sentence below, notice the Paperpal edit from “SARS and MERS patients” to “patients with SARS and MERS.” Popularized by the American Psychological Association in 1992, use of patient-first language highlights the importance of separating the person from the diagnosed disease or disability.2 Use of person-first language is a critical requirement in academic writing, particularly in the fields of medicine and healthcare, making Paperpal be better alternative for Grammarly.
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  1. Paperpal’s language editing ensures that the final output is written in a formal tone, suitable for journal submission. Use of formal, academic language is important when presenting research findings in the written format. Note the edit from “To sum up” to “In summary” made in the sentence below: 



  1. Paperpal edits to ensure that mathematical symbols and other similar elements follow the appropriate convention. Notice how Paperpal suggests changing “250 μm by 100 μm” to “250 μm × 100 μm”. 
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  1. Translate as you write on Paperpal. Struggling to convey your ideas in English? Go ahead and use the handy Translation feature on Paperpal. Type out your text in the language you’re using and highlight it – Paperpal detects that the text is not in English and offers an accurate English translation that can be copied and used as needed. 

Paperpal is an AI writing tool for researchers, designed to assist the busy academician at every stage of their writing. The best Grammarly alternative for academics, our solutions go beyond simple language editing and style consistency checks to ensure all your academic editing needs are covered. Try out these product offerings to unlock key features that will be useful for you: 

  1. Paperpal for Web works well for when you want to write online and have your text edited on the go. 
  1. Paperpal for Word can be installed as a Word add-in to check and enhance your language even as you write in Microsoft Word. 
  1. Paperpal for Manuscript is ideal for when you have a finished draft. In addition to language editing, Paperpal for Manuscript provides you with a detailed summary of your paper’s performance against standard journal requirements.  

So, whichever stage of writing you’re at, if academic/scientific editing is what you’re looking for, Paperpal has got you covered. Try it out now


  1. Alexopoulou, D., 2022. Comparison of Automated English Editing Tools. University of Cambridge.  
  1. Crocker A.F., Smith S.N. Person-first language: are we practicing what we preach? Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, February 2019. Available at 

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