Paperpal Prime Now Includes Free Unlimited Manuscript Submission Readiness Checks

by Charlotte Baptista
Paperpal Prime now includes free unlimited manuscript submission readiness checks

Paperpal Prime just got bigger and we can’t stay calm. Say hello to our latest addition that not only refines your manuscript writing but also conducts vital manuscript submission checks to help you submit with confidence. Paperpal Prime has expanded its key benefits beyond unlimited language suggestions on Paperpal for Word and Web to include unlimited Paperpal for Manuscript downloads. With over 30 language and technical checks and a downloadable edited version of your manuscript with suggestions in track changes, Paperpal Prime presents researchers with unparalleled, end-to-end manuscript writing and manuscript submission support.

Paperpal your AI academic writing assistant

Elevate your manuscript writing skills with Paperpal

Paperpal is available for use in different ways depending on which stage of manuscript writing you are in. The Word add-in and the Web-based solution have been adopted enthusiastically by over 200,000 researchers who like to get tool suggestions in Paperpal’s signature “feed” as they write. Both applications also give authors access to unique writing aids, such as contextual synonyms, AI translation, and academic consistency checks. But this real-time AI writing assistant is designed for research authors who are still involved in manuscript writing and putting together their early drafts.

Paperpal supports you at every stage of the writing process.
Unlimited benefits for academic writing. Try Paperpal Prime

Error-free manuscript submissions with Paperpal for Manuscript

For researchers who are almost at the end of their manuscript writing journey and have a fully structured and formatted manuscript, Paperpal for Manuscript is the perfect solution that provides in-depth language and technical checks in seconds. No more waiting for your supervisor or colleague to make time to edit manuscripts, Paperpal can now make manuscript submission checks a breeze!

Paperpal Prime users now get FREE unlimited downloads of Paperpal for Manuscript edited documents

Paperpal Prime users now get FREE unlimited downloads of Paperpal for Manuscript edited documents

Paperpal for Manuscript offers a comprehensive manuscript evaluation feature to support authors in the manuscript submission process, including

  1. More than 20 technical checks conforming to journal submission requirements
  2. In-depth AI language editing that follows academic writing conventions and tone

How to use Paperpal’s manuscript submission checks

There are three simple steps to using the Paperpal for Manuscript solution:

  1. Upload your ready document on the Paperpal for Manuscript interface.
  2. Review the free Technical Checks Report that loads as the manuscript is being processed.
  3. When the manuscript submission readiness report is ready, download your auto-edited manuscript.

Your evaluated paper is ready for your review with all corrections and suggestions done in tracked changes. You can review the suggestions and accept or reject the edits to polish your manuscript writing in minutes. And just like that, you are one step closer to achieving your publication goals.

Paperpal for Manuscript checks your writing and presents you with downloadable edited file, with all suggestions in tracked changes.

Enjoy stress-free manuscript submission with Paperpal

Paperpal for Manuscript is a proud partner of some of the biggest academic publishers, including Wolters-Kluwer, IOP, and the Royal Society. More than 400 journals worldwide recommend Paperpal to authors submitting to their journals as a way to ensure manuscript submission readiness and increase their chances of publication.

Now, Paperpal for Manuscript is being made available for unlimited checks with the Paperpal Prime subscription, which starts at just $12 a month; the Prime pack also offers users unlimited manuscript writing suggestions on Paperpal for Word and Paperpal for Web. Researchers who do not have Prime subscriptions can upload their files to get free technical checks via Paperpal for Manuscript but will need to pay $29 to download the processed manuscript, which includes unlimited free rechecks.

Paperpal is an AI writing assistant that help academics write better, faster with real-time suggestions for in-depth language and grammar correction. Trained on millions of research manuscripts enhanced by professional academic editors, Paperpal delivers human precision at machine speed. Try it for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime, which unlocks unlimited access to premium features like academic translation, paraphrasing, contextual synonyms, consistency checks, submission readiness and more. It’s like always having a professional academic editor by your side! Go beyond limitations and experience the future of academic writing. Get Paperpal Prime now at just US$12 a month!

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