Language Editing: Paperpal Introduces ‘Extensive’ and ‘Essential’ Editing Modes

by Charlotte Baptista
Language editing: Paperpal introduces 'Extensive' and 'Essential' editing modes

With over two decades of delivering high-quality academic language editing services to researchers across the globe, we understand that research authors often fall into one of two camps:

  • Those who like an in-depth language editing and review with heavy rewrites to improve the readability of their text.
  • Those who prefer more precise, minimal corrections to detect grammar errors and eliminate major errors in content.

English language competence is the main factor in the choice of language editing levels. Some authors may not be highly proficient with communicating their research effectively in English and following academic writing conventions in terms of tone and style. A more extensive review is better suited to this group who would find language editing suggestions to improve their vocabulary and phrasing more useful.

On the other hand, authors who are more confident of their writing ability may only require a quick proofreading of their document to detect grammar errors. Proficient in English, they may even find it bothersome to wade through a large number of non-essential suggestions.

Two distinct editorial modes on offer

To effectively serve academic authors with differing language editing needs, Paperpal has extended its capabilities to provide two distinct editorial temperaments Extensive and Essential editing modes.

Based on their requirements, authors can set their language editing preference from their Profile page to get relevant suggestions in the Extensive or Essential editing modes.

  • Extensive editing mode: The AI model reviews the content and makes heavier language editing suggestions to enhance the text, going beyond grammar to provide precise suggestions to improve clarity, vocabulary, sentence structure, and more.
  • Essential editing mode: The AI model scans the content to detect grammar errors and other issues, presenting you with fewer, targeted language editing suggestions to polish the text.
Editing modes, customized to your requirements. Start writing with Paperpal today!

In Essential mode, Paperpal detect grammar errors and helps you correct the most pressing issues, but Extensive mode takes the correction a step further with several language editing suggestions to rewrite the text. Consider the examples below.

The figure illustrates the difference in outputs between Essential and Extensive language editing modes on Paperpal.

Our language editing benchmarking tests have shown that the AI engine powering the Essential editing mode is more conservative in the number of suggestions made but offers higher accuracy with these suggestions. On the other hand, the AI model behind the Extensive editing mode produces a greater volume of language editing suggestions, with the outputs being strikingly similar to human-edited versions of the same samples.

Language editing is an essential part of manuscript preparation process, and choosing the right editing mode can greatly enhance the quality of your academic writing. Whether you prefer a more comprehensive review or a lighter language editing check, Paperpal can meet your needs. Start improving your writing today with our language editor online or directly in Microsoft Word and try both language editing modes to see which one works best for you. Get started now and see the difference for yourself!

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