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Paperpal Copilot is Live: Experience The Generative AI Tool Academics Can Trust

Paperpal is getting even bigger and so much better! Today, we announce the launch of Paperpal Copilot, a generative AI feature built on secure proprietary technology. With Paperpal Copilot, we’ve transitioned from being an in-depth grammar checker to a comprehensive academic writing toolkit that helps you save time and write more confidently. This addition to our suite of features now allows you to brainstorm ideas, generate outlines, write better with real-time suggestions, and polish your work with granular checks for grammar, vocabulary, consistency and more. The best part? Our AI academic writing companion lets you, the author, retain control while empowering you to create high-quality original content every time.

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What is Paperpal Copilot and what can it do?

By harnessing our over two decades long experience of working with researchers and academic publishers worldwide, Paperpal has amassed a deep understanding of academia. And we’ve distilled this knowledge to create Paperpal Copilot, a cutting-edge generative AI technology that is trained on millions of published scholarly articles. Paperpal understands academic writing structure and conventions, offers precise suggestions based on the scientific context, and helps you save time while simplifying and enhancing your academic writing process.

Ask PaperpalGenerateRewrite Check & RefineBe Submission Ready
Unblock yourself by brainstorming ideas, get on-point assistance on varied topics, and expert tips for research writing.Get instant outlines, paper titles, abstracts, summaries, study highlights, keywords, and a variety of email templates.  Enter your text to paraphrase and add variety, ensure correct academic tone, or trim length to meet journal word limits.Enhance your academic writing with in-depth checks for language, grammar, word choice, phrasing, consistency, and more!Polish your manuscript with 30+ pre-submission checks that help you eliminate language errors and technical issues, boosting your chance of acceptance.
Power your academic writing with Paperpal Copilot. Try it today!

What makes Paperpal Copilot better than other AI tools?

While generic AI writing tools like ChatGPT fall short of meeting the unique needs and expectations of scholars and researchers, Paperpal Copilot stands out as a trusted generative AI companion for academics worldwide. Here are seven reasons why you should choose Paperpal Copilot as your AI academic writing companion. 

1. We safeguard your research

Your data never leaves our servers, which ensures it is always safe from misuse and correctly attributed to you. You also own the copyright for content you produce using Paperpal, which implements strict security measures. Unlike other generic generative AI tools, Paperpal will never use your content to train our AI.

2. We offer extensive academic writing support

Built on 20+ years of STM expertise, Paperpal Copilot has a deep understanding of academic writing conventions. This means that unlike other AI tools, Paperpal can understand academic context and deliver precise outputs along with language checks that improve your work, while retaining entities like technical terms, references, abbreviations, and non-English words.

3. We eliminate unpredictability

Generic AI tools often offer plausible but unverified, biased, or made-up facts that can be misleading or cause misunderstandings. Paperpal’s AI is trained on published and verified scholarly articles, so you get more precise, reliable results.  

4. We have benchmarked prompts

Most AI tools require you to first master how to write prompts to get the desired outcomes. Our intuitive prompts, tried and tested by experts, remove this pressure and give you the best results in one click.

5. We put you, the author, in control

Paperpal supplements and supports the writing process without overtaking your role as author. Unlike other AI tools, we encourage authors to take Paperpal output as a starting point and refine and rewrite AI generated text to express ideas in their own unique style and voice. This ensures authenticity, preserves research integrity, and minimizes the risk of unintentional plagiarism or being tagged by AI detectors.

6. We motivate you to write better

Paperpal generates ideas, outlines, and templates to help you overcome the dreaded writer’s block. Unlike other AI tools, it goes a step further and explains suggestions and provides writing tips to help you convey your research effectively so you become a better writer over time.

7. We are available on Word and Web

You don’t have to restrict yourself to working online, with Paperpal Copilot you can harness the efficiency of generative AI even in MS Word. 

Write academic content ethically with Paperpal Copilot. Try it for free!

How to get started with Paperpal Copilot

Paperpal Copilot is easy to use, helping you achieve twice the writing in half the time. Here are a couple of examples of how you can use our toolkit to save time and boost your productivity.

Scenario 1

You’re a clinician at the Department of Obstetrics at Erasmus Hospital and Medical Research Center. You are looking for relevant topics to conduct research on robotic surgery for treating ovarian cysts and need to get the topic approved by your department head. But you don’t know where to start or how to frame your email. Paperpal can help!

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Login to your Paperpal account and click on the Copilot tab in the right panel.
  2. Select the Ask Paperpal option to generate some topics for your areas of interest.
  3. Based on your research, shortlist your top choices from the suggested options.
  4. Click on Email tab, mention the purpose, tone, and details of sender and receiver.
  5. Get a professional email, copy and refine it before sending it to your head of department.

And just like that, Paperpal has helped you complete your work in under 5 minutes!

Scenario 2

You just found out that you are eligible to apply for funding, but it’s the last day to submit your grant proposal. You’ve studied patients with ovarian cysts and used robotic surgery to remove the cysts, while still preserving fertility in these patients. You have quantified various surgical and post-surgical parameters to assess the effectiveness of robotic surgery. But now you’re overwhelmed and feeling stuck, unsure what to include to showcase the impact of your work and get the funding you need. Rely on Paperpal Copilot to guide your writing process.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Login to Paperpal and click on the Copilot tab in the right panel.
  2. Select Generate and then Outline and click on Research article outline.
  3. Fill in your field of study, required section, and a brief description of the study.
  4. Instantly get an outline based on the details shared; copy this onto the Paperpal document.
  5. Use this ready outline to develop your ideas and organize your thoughts into written text.
  6. Click on Rewrite to paraphrase or make the tone more academic; add your own voice.
  7. Use the grammar check to polish your content and you’re ready to upload your work.

You’ll never need to worry about missing deadlines when you have Paperpal by your side!

At Paperpal, we’re just getting started

Paperpal Copilot is just the latest milestone in our journey to empower academics worldwide. With generative AI we have moved beyond language editing to now serve authors throughout the writing process. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond to enhance your experience, which is why we’re excited to reveal that the Paperpal team is hard at work developing some new features that will further optimize and streamline your academic writing journey.

If you’ve enjoyed what Paperpal has to offer, have valuable feedback, or envision new features that could elevate your writing process further, we invite you to reach out to us at Your insights will prove invaluable as we strive to develop a seamless AI writing assistant tailored to your needs. If you haven’t experienced Paperpal yet, sign up now and see the magic for yourself!

Paperpal is an AI academic writing assistant that helps authors write better and faster with real-time writing suggestions and in-depth checks for language and grammar correction. Trained on millions of published scholarly articles and 20+ years of STM experience, Paperpal delivers human precision at machine speed.   

Try it for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime, which unlocks unlimited access to Paperpal Copilot and premium features like academic translation, plagiarism checks, paraphrasing, contextual synonyms, consistency checks, submission readiness and more. It’s like always having a professional academic editor by your side! Go beyond limitations and experience the future of academic writing. Get Paperpal Prime now at just US$19 a month!

Elizabeth Oommen George

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