Paperpal’s Monthly Prime Plan Makes AI Writing Assistant More Accessible  

by Charlotte Baptista
Paperpal’s Monthly Prime plan makes AI writing assistant more accessible

Paperpal’s AI writing assistant is an essential tool for students, researchers, and professionals who want to improve their writing and produce better manuscripts. In line with our mission to make good writing and academic editing easier and more accessible to everyone, we have released the Monthly Prime plan, which we hope will allow many more researchers and students to benefit from the unlimited version of the Paperpal subscription.  

Our AI writing assistant is now accessible to a wider audience

Paperpal Prime was launched in December 2022 and priced at US$99 for one year. While this price point was competitive in the market, we learned that it was an obstacle to researchers from certain geographies and domains with limited access to funding. We also received numerous requests particularly from students who found value in the AI writing assistant but could not afford the annual subscription. 

Although Paperpal offers 500 free suggestions every month to enhance your research writing and academic editing, this may not always be adequate to meet everyone’s needs. At just US$12, the new Monthly Prime plan gives users unlimited access to all Paperpal Prime features at a fraction of the cost. 

Use the AI writing assistant at your own pace

A key difference between scientists and general writers is that the former cluster their research writing over a few short weeks in the year, as opposed to writing regularly over time. We looked at how authors use Paperpal and confirmed that most users tend to polish a single manuscript over multiple sessions in a tightly clustered timeframe of a few weeks up to a month. The writing phase of the publication process typically lasts for a shorter period compared to the research itself, which may last months or years. The affordable monthly pack then aligns better with how researchers use Paperpal. 

Get unlimited benefits at a fraction of the cost

Paperpal Prime unlocks unlimited access not only to language suggestions but to all assistive writing features, including in-depth academic editing, translation, and contextual synonyms. Paperpal will keep adding more features to help you write more confidently and create polished research papers. 

We will continue to offer our yearly Paperpal subscription plan for those who prefer to pay upfront. In fact, the annual plan offers better value compared to the monthly plan (one payment of US$99 amounts to US$8.25 a month instead of US$12), so if you plan to use Paperpal for several months, the annual plan may be a better option for you. 

Good writing lies at the very heart of a successful career in academia. Researchers who are prolific with documenting and publishing their research gain greater exposure in their communities and more opportunities to grow. And Paperpal’s AI writing assistant is the best partner on a researcher’s academic journey. We are excited to announce the new pricing plan and hope that it will help more researchers achieve their publication goals with our AI writing assistant.  

If you haven’t explored Paperpal yet, give it a try today. Get unlimited access to all our features for 30 days with the Paperpal Monthly Prime at just US$19! 

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