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A Hybrid AI + Human Approach to Safeguarding Research Integrity

This whitepaper addresses the escalating issues in upholding research integrity, particularly with the increasing use of generative AI in science, evaluates different types of integrity solutions and creates the case that a hybrid approach (that combines human judgment with AI capabilities) is best. 

Confronting Research Integrity Risks: Identifying Threats And Assessing Impact

Science Under Siege

Vulnerable and Compromised


A Profit-Driven Menace to Research Integrity

The Tangible Impact

Real-world Consequences of Compromised Science

Strain on Systems

Overburdened Editorial and Peer Review Mechanisms 

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Understanding the Landscape

Addressing Science's Current Challenges

Towards a Transformative Solution

The Hybrid AI and Human Expertise Approach

Preserving Integrity

The Imperative to Combat Fake Science

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Securing Research Integrity: Leveraging The Hybrid (AI+Human) Checks Approach
The hybrid (AI + human) checks approach emerges as a practical solution for combating fraudulent research. In this whitepaper, we analyse the features of both AI and human checks and explain how these are complementary in nature. The hybrid approach represents a harmonious integration of human and AI capabilities, envisioning a future where technology advances while anchored in human integrity. 
Know The Benefits Of This Hybrid Approach In Detail
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