Academic Paraphrasing: Why Paperpal’s Rewrite Should be Your First Choice! 

by Dyanne Fernandes
Academic Paraphrasing: Why Paperpal’s Rewrite Should Be Your First Choice

As a researcher, mastering the art of academic paraphrasing can help you elevate your writing. Paraphrasing is more than just substituting words, it essentially involves understanding and rewriting text using different phrases and sentence structure, while maintaining the original meaning. In the academic context, effective paraphrasing adds variety to one’s written work, reduces repetition, and provides different ways to represent an idea. But we know this is easier said than done, especially for those with English as a second language. Difficulties in comprehending text, identifying key words and points, then changing syntax and structure to express ideas in one’s own words while citing sources correctly are all real obstacles to effective academic paraphrasing. So, when our recent user surveys indicated that an academic paraphrasing tool was one of the most sought-after features, we took note and got right to work. 

And now, we’re proud and thrilled to announce the launch of Rewrite – Paperpal’s very own academic paraphrasing feature. Developed in-house using LLM intelligence, the robust academic paraphraser is tailored to cater specifically to researcher needs. It has been meticulously designed and tested by professional academic editors to ensure it can ably support researchers and seamlessly integrate into the writing and publication journey. 

Today, our efforts are being rewarded. Rewrite has an edge over plain-language paraphrasing tools out in the market, many of which fall short when it comes to handling academic content. To highlight our prowess and capabilities, we’ve compared Rewrite with Quillbot’s Rephrase feature (‘Standard’ mode) for your reference.  

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Paperpal ensures that statistics are accurately presented in the paraphrased output

Example 1: The experimental group (EG) received a 12-week intervention program, while the control group (CG) did not receive any specific treatment. Post-intervention, the EG showed a significant decrease in depressive symptoms (t(98) = 3.52, p < 0.05) compared to the CG. 

Accurate representation of statistics is critical in academic writing, and our academic paraphraser has been trained to accurately handle such text. In the screenshots below, you’ll notice that Paperpal’s Rewrite ensures the statistics are presented precisely, whereas this is inaccurately revised by Quillbot Rephrase. 

Paperpal Rewrite output with accurate presentation of the p-value
Quillbot Rephrase output with the p-value incorrectly modified  

Paperpal ensures that your equations are accurately retained in the output

Example 2: The formula for calculating the standard deviation (SD) is SD = √((∑(X – M)^2)/N), where X represents each individual score, M represents the mean, and N represents the total number of scores. 

In the screenshots below, you will see how Paperpal Rewrite accurately retains the equation in the paraphrased output, whereas the Quillbot Rephrase output modifies the equation incorrectly. This kind of academic rephrasing could introduce critical errors, hampering both your research impact and chances of publication success.  

Paperpal Rewrite output with accurate presentation of the original equation
Quillbot rewrite with the equation incorrectly modified


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Paperpal accurately retains use of units of measurement in rephrased text

Example 3: The expression of VDR protein in the tissue was detected by immunohistochemistry. For this analysis, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor tissues were prepared to 5μm thickness, and then the tissue sections were dewaxed and rehydrated. Next, we performed antigen retrieval with a high pH buffer and quenched endogenous peroxidase activity with H2O2 solution. 

Units of measurement are critical elements in academic writing and the LLM-intelligence powering Paperpal Rewrite has been trained to recognize and handle such specifications when rephrasing text. The Quillbot rewrites, on the other hand, seem to be removing the unit of measurement altogether as seen in the screenshots below.  

Paperpal Rewrite output, which accurately presents the unit of measure
Quillbot output where unit of measure is incorrectly modified  

Paperpal paraphrases your text while maintaining an academic tone

Example 4: The immune system is a complex network of cells and molecules that protects the body from pathogens and other foreign substances. One important aspect of the immune response is the production of antibodies, which are proteins that recognize and bind to specific antigens. In this study, we investigated the role of a particular type of antibody, called IgE, in the immune response to parasitic worms. We found that IgE plays a critical role in the defense against these parasites, by promoting the recruitment of immune cells to the site of infection. 

Paperpal’s Rewrite feature is built to ensure that the paraphrased output maintains a professional academic tone suitable for journal publication. Review the revisions in the screenshots below to see the differences between the two academic paraphrasing tools, particularly for the text highlighted above.  

Paraphrased output using Paperpal Rewrite
Output using Quillbot Rephrase’s ‘Standard’ mode 

In conclusion, researchers can now save time and maximize their productivity with Paperpal’s cutting-edge Rewrite academic paraphrasing feature. Tailored to support your research writing efforts, this academic paraphraser ensures that your scientific text is appropriately rephrased, while ensuring critical technical elements like units of measurement, equations, statistics, terminology, etc. are accurately presented in the final output.

Whether you are writing your paper or adding the finishing touches to your manuscript before submission, Paperpal’s Rewrite is just a click away. Try the academic paraphraser on Paperpal for Word or Paperpal for Web. Simply select the portion of text you want to rephrase and click on the ‘Rewrite’ tab to effortlessly refine your work, eliminate repetition, and ensure your final text is polished, accurate, and publication ready. So, embark on a journey toward academic writing excellence, sign up to Paperpal and give Rewrite a try for free today!

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