Enhance Your Research Paper with a Comprehensive English Language Check

by Samuel Leslie
Enhance your research paper with english language check

English has been widely considered the language of science, accounting for more than 90% of published research.1 This means that research by ESL (English-as-a-second-language) authors are only likely to gain widespread recognition if it is published in an international English journal. To add to this, poor language quality regularly features among the top reasons for rejection by international English journals. So ESL authors, who aren’t as fluent in English, are often forced to rely on professional English editing services to do a language check to ensure their manuscripts are ready for submission to an international journal.

However, with the recent rapid improvements in AI writing tools, ESL authors now have the option of using automated English language checks for real-time assistance while writing their manuscripts. Unlike other automated writing tools in the market that offer a general word and language check, Paperpal’s suggestions are designed to help ESL authors write high-quality English research manuscripts.

Here’s a closer look at the comprehensive 5-point language check Paperpal offers to help enhance academic writing:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Correction: Paperpal’s AI engine has been trained on billions of corrections made by professional editors to academic text written primarily by ESL authors. The language checks and suggestions therefore go beyond basic grammar to also cover appropriate word usage in academic contexts.
  • Rephrase Suggestions: Basic grammar suggestions may sometimes be insufficient to ensure that sentences, especially those with technical text, are both clear in meaning and easy to read. In such cases, Paperpal does an English language check and suggests an extensive restructuring of sentences to help ensure that ideas are presented clearly and concisely.  
  • Academic Writing Conventions: Academic writing follows certain unique conventions; keeping track of these conventions may not be easy, especially for ESL authors. Here, Paperpal offers a curated list of “flags” that can help authors ensure their writing adheres to standard academic writing conventions expected by most journals.
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  • Consistency Checks: Not everything is right and wrong when it comes to writing. Certain stylistic elements mean things can be written in multiple ways, but it is important for authors to use these styles consistently within a document. Paperpal’s consistency checks are designed to flag cases where a particular element has been written in different styles. The author can then make the corrections needed to ensure the desired style is applied consistently within the text.
  • Writing “Tips”: We understand that ESL authors would benefit from detailed explanations of certain common writing errors. So Paperpal’s language check also includes detailed writing “tips” that use simple explanations and examples to not only help fix a particular issue in the current text, but also to help ESL authors learn how such errors can avoided in the future.
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Paperpal has helped more than 20,000 authors enhance their academic writing, while nine top global publishers trust Paperpal to help authors refine manuscripts by providing key technical and language checks before they submit. If you’re writing a research paper or preparing to submit, be sure to give Paperpal a try!


  1. Ramírez-Castañeda V. Disadvantages in preparing and publishing scientific papers caused by the dominance of the English language in science: The case of Colombian researchers in biological sciences. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0238372 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0238372

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