Paperpal Now Supports Research Paper PDFs: A Game-Changer for LaTex Users

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Paperpal now supports research paper PDFs: A game-changer for LaTex users

Paperpal, the globally trusted AI academic writing assistant, has expanded its capabilities to include a highly requested feature: support for PDF research papers. This significant feature will be particularly useful for researchers in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering, who use the LaTeX typesetting tool. By introducing this new research paper format, Paperpal empowers researchers to quickly polish and refine even highly technical research papers that contain equations, tables, figures, as well as specialized layouts traditional to scholarly publishing.

Challenges for researchers

While there are a number of writing tools for researchers, they serve limited research paper formats. The majority of AI writing assistants that can help researchers prepare manuscripts for submission only support Microsoft Word or text-based documents, thus excluding authors who work on LaTeX typesetting systems. Considering that the engineering, technology, physics, and mathematics domains, where authors usually produce research paper PDFs, account for nearly 30% of articles in the Web of Science database,1 this is a fairly large cohort that’s currently under-served.

Figure 1: Subjects covered by the Web of Science database, based on articles published, 20201

Paperpal for Manuscript is addressing this gap by enabling authors to upload their Latex-typeset research paper PDFs for an in-depth check before journal submission. In just a few minutes, Paperpal will generate a report, rating your manuscript on over 30 language and technical checks. Researchers can quickly review the suggested improvements and enhance their research paper PDF, maximizing their chance of journal acceptance.

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Converting PDF to text for research articles is not easy

PDFs contain a combination of text, images, forms, and other complex objects such as equations, symbols, figures, and tables. They also encompass diverse formatting elements, such as font styles, multi-column layouts as well as header and footer text. This makes converting research papers PDFs to text in these technical fields quite challenging.

Text in a research paper PDF is often stored as shapes located in specific positions, rather than readable characters, which makes it difficult for a machine to interpret it the way a human would detect headers, footers, columns, and text blocks. As a result, tools that convert PDF to text may fail to identify and differentiate these elements; the elements in the original text can easily be lost or misinterpreted in the conversion process.

Paperpal enables PDF text extraction for scientific text

Paperpal for Manuscript now supports research paper PDFs via a proprietary PDF text extraction solution that combines advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology with state-of-the-art AI and machine learning techniques. This ground-breaking Paperpal feature can handle all known PDF structures and content types. Optimized for scientific writing, it reliably processes and extracts equations, symbols, and schemas used in all academic fields, including advanced math, physics, and statistics. Even figures and tables are rendered in the output with a high level of accuracy.

Figure 2: On the left (a) is the original sample PDF; on the right (b), you see Paperpal for Manuscript’s edited output

New research paper format makes Paperpal accessible to researchers everywhere

The best part of this expanded offering is that research authors using LaTex typesetting systems can now access Paperpal’s instant AI language and submission readiness checks. Authors need to simply upload their research paper PDF on Paperpal for Manuscript, similar to the .docx imports, to start processing their documents. Once this critical step is complete, the free Paperpal report will appear on screen, with an option to download the processed document in PDF format and view all the suggestions applied in line in Track Changes.

Researchers can transform their research for publication by subscribing to Paperpal Prime, which gives you full access to our advanced features, including unlimited support to refine your research paper PDFs. This new research paper format has only been made available for researchers who have a ready manuscript and are preparing their research paper PDFs for submission. But the Paperpal team hopes to be able to extend this support and directly provide its AI writing assistance to those research authors who write on LaTex.


  1. The Global Publishing Industry in 2020. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), April 2022. Available at

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