Safeguarding Research: How Paperpal Keeps Your Data Secure

by Charlotte Baptista
Safeguarding research: How Paperpal keeps your data secure

In the competitive world of research, it is critical to produce high-quality work while safeguarding research from potential intellectual theft. Research data protection is important for researchers who spend many gruelling hours at work in the lab or on the field to ensure their hard work is secure in the months leading up to publication. Here, the decision to have your ideas, experimental data, and results seen by others can be nerve-wracking due to the risk of it being misused, duplicated, or misrepresented, all of which can damage your reputation in the field.

At Paperpal, we recognize the need for confidentiality and are committed to ensuring 100% research data protection. We have taken several measures in safeguarding research manuscripts submitted to our platform until publication so it can be correctly attributed to you and your colleagues.

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How Paperpal ensures your research data is secure

  • Encryption: All data is encrypted during transmission and storage using 256-bit encryption. This means that your data is maintained in an unreadable format, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the information.
  • Secure servers: Our web servers use the strongest grade of HTTPS security (TLS 1.2) so that requests are protected from intermediate attacks. We also store all data in secure SSAE 16/SOC1-certified data centers that comply with the latest research data security standards.
  • Robust security infrastructure: Data from our products are stored within the world’s most trusted cloud computing platform – Amazon Web Services (RDS & S3), which uses comprehensive physical security measures, including biometric checks, laser beam intrusion detection, camera surveillance, and 24×7 trained security guards.
  • Strict confidentiality and access controls: Paperpal has strict access controls in place to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the data. All employees sign a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement and only a limited number of personnel have access to user data.
  • Incident response plan: Paperpal has a clear response plan in case of a security event with highly trained staff who can handle a data breach. This includes conducting a thorough investigation into the incident and taking appropriate measures to prevent any future breaches.
  • File-retention policy: We automatically delete your files after 90 days as part of our data storage and protection in research guidelines. Our AI models have been trained not on Paperpal data, but on separate training datasets safeguarded by strict privacy policies.

If you want more information, Paperpal’s research data security policies and other FAQs about safeguarding research are outlined in detail on our website. You can rest easy knowing that your research data protection is our top priority at Paperpal. And now that you know your work is always safe with us, take a few minutes and try Paperpal’s suite of AI writing tools with confidence today. Write academic content ethically with Paperpal. Try for free today!

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