Paperpal Preflight Partners with the Royal Society to Provide AI-Powered Language and Technical Checks for a Smooth Author Submission Journey

by Timur Isakhov
Paperpal Preflight partners with the Royal Society

Paperpal, offering an AI-powered assistant for language and technical compliance checks, has announced a partnership with the Royal Society for its Preflight product. Through this partnership, Preflight will deliver a superior submission experience for authors and help reduce editorial workload for the Royal Society Journal Royal Society Open Science.

Commenting on the partnership, Mads Rydahl, VP Products – Paperpal, said, “Paperpal Preflight is the future for the academic publishing industry. With its full range of language and technical checks performed in less than two minutes, it is bound to ease researchers’ lives by enabling a smoother publishing journey. The journal editors also stand to save a huge amount of time with the improved quality of submissions that adhere to the guidelines of the respective journals.”

Paperpal Preflight is a plug-and-play web-based solution that comes at no additional cost to publishers. This partnership will allow publishers like the Royal Society to immediately start using the product, without any dependency on integration, and offer the tool to authors submitting to their journal.

Andrew Dunn, Senior Publishing Editor at the Royal Society commenting on the partnership said, “It’s early days for our collaboration with Preflight, but we hope that providing the opt-in service to authors helps them more easily prepare their manuscripts before submission to Royal Society Open Science. The feedback we have received and the usage figures from Preflight suggest that authors are finding it a useful additional service provided by the journal to increase their chances of publishing with us.”

The Royal Society Publishing is the publishing department of the Royal Society. Through its journal publications, scientific research is distributed worldwide.

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