Paperpal Preflight Partners with Innovations Journals to Optimize Author Submissions

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Paperpal Preflight partners with Innovations Journals

Paperpal, a brand by Cactus Communications, said it has partnered with Innovations Journals to deliver a superior submission experience for authors with its Preflight product. This partnership allows authors submitting manuscripts to Innovations Journals to use Paperpal Preflight for an in-depth language and technical compliance check that will help reduce editorial workloads.

Abhishek Goel, Co-founder and CEO, CACTUS, is enthusiastic about this partnership. “Driven by machine learning and feeding on millions of published articles, Paperpal Preflight helps reduce journal editorial workload for manuscripts by identifying common errors and omissions in language and technical errors prior to journal submission. This helps editors save a huge amount of time with improved quality of submissions that follows the journal guidelines,” he said, adding “We believe Paperpal Preflight is the future for the academic industry, which will now provide Innovations Journals with real-time feedback on the submission readiness of their manuscripts.”

Innovations Journals is keen on improving the submission process and reduce the editorial time and effort spent on initial quality checks. “We recognize the delays resulting from having to send papers back to authors for multiple rounds of revisions to help improve their language and readability of the papers. We are excited to partner with Paperpal Preflight as the solution, said Dr. Abdul-Rahman Jazieh, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Quality and Safety in Healthcare. “At Innovations Journals, we highly recommend this tool to all our authors for a pre-submission quality check that provides instant feedback on common technical errors and language quality. This is a useful tool that every submitting author should be taking advantage of.”

Paperpal Preflight is a plug-and-play web-based application that rests on the journal website and is available to publishers at no additional cost. The partnership with Innovations Journals paves the way for other academic publishers to immediately start using the solution without any integration dependency and offer the tool to their submitting authors.

For more information on Paperpal Preflight, visit our website.

Paperpal Preflight is currently advocated by 13 leading publishers carrying over 300 journals and is available to use directly from the journal website. If you do not have a target journal in mind, you can use the standard configuration and check your work with Paperpal for Manuscripts.

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