Until or Untill: The Right Word to Use

by Arushi Gupta

In the world of research, precision and accuracy are paramount. From formulating hypotheses to conducting experiments, every word choice matters. One common area where confusion arises is the usage of “until” and “untill.” In this blog post, we will explore the correct spelling, the definition of “until,” and provide examples relevant to researchers and scientists.

Is it until or untill?

The correct spelling is “until.” The double “l” in “untill” is unnecessary and incorrect. So, remember to write “until”, without another ‘l’ when expressing a temporal relationship or indicating the end point of a specific time period.

English has numerous words that end with a double “l,” such as “till” and “ill.” This similarity in spelling might prompt you to assume that “until” follows the same pattern. However, “until” is an exception to this rule.

Until definition

“Until” is a preposition or a conjunction that denotes a time frame extending up to a specified point. It implies a situation or an action that continues up to a particular event, deadline, or moment in time. It signifies the duration before a specific endpoint is reached.

Until examples

Now, let’s delve into some examples that elucidate the correct usage of “until”:

  1. “The researchers conducted experiments until they achieved conclusive results.”

In this sentence, “until” indicates that the researchers continued conducting experiments until they obtained conclusive results. It signifies the ongoing effort and determination to reach a desired outcome.

  • “The data collection period extended until the end of the fiscal year.”

Here, “until” signifies the temporal boundary, indicating that the data collection continued until the completion of the fiscal year. It highlights the specific time frame within which data was gathered.

  • “The scientist remained focused until the last sample was analyzed.”

In this example, “until” emphasizes the scientist’s unwavering dedication, as they remained focused until the analysis of the final sample. It underscores their commitment to completing the task at hand.

  • “The research team worked tirelessly until the breakthrough discovery was made.”

This sentence highlights the persistence and perseverance of the research team, as they dedicated their efforts until they made a significant breakthrough. It emphasizes the continuous nature of their work.

  • “The experiment was monitored until all variables were controlled.”

In this instance, “until” signifies that the experiment was closely monitored until all variables were adequately controlled. It underscores the importance of ensuring precise experimental conditions.

It’s crucial to understand here that the correct spelling is “until” and not, “untill.” Make sure that you re-check the word and use it the right way when you are writing your next piece of research.

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