Introducing Paperpal Predictive Text Suggestions: Transform Ideas Into Words Faster Than Ever 

by Elizabeth Oommen George
Paperpal's Write Feature

Paperpal, the trusted AI academic writing assistant for more than 1 million researchers across 125 countries, has expanded and upgraded its offerings under the Write feature, adding predictive text suggestions that enable you to transform your ideas into words faster than ever before to help you craft impactful essays, assignments, theses, dissertations, or research papers in half the time. With this Paperpal takes another step forward in its mission to help academics across the globe convey their ideas clearly in English and confidently deliver high-quality academic writing, every time. 

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Common Writing Challenges Academics Face

Academics need to navigate multiple hurdles in their writing journey. Let’s take a quick look at the most common writing challenges that can impede progress and productivity.  

  • Writer’s block: Staring at a blank page can be intimidating and frustrating. Authors often don’t know how to start writing or are unsure of the best way to build their ideas from one sentence to the next.  
  • Ensuring clarity and cohesiveness: Academic writing needs to be clear, precise, and well-organized. Achieving this can be difficult, especially when dealing with research topics and extensive data. 
  • Language barriers: For non-native speakers, expressing complex ideas in a second language can be particularly challenging, impacting the quality and clarity of their work. A PLOS survey shows that compared to native English speakers, those with moderate English proficiency take as much as 51% more time to write in English. 
  • Maintaining focus: Academic writing demands prolonged concentration. Interruptions and distractions can disrupt the flow of thoughts, making it difficult to stay on track with your writing goals. 
  • Expressing thoughts into innovative ideas: When it comes to academic writing, authors need to think holistically and develop counterarguments or diverse perspectives to support their claims. Finding this takes time and a lot of research reading. 

Paperpal’s Solution: Predictive Text Suggestions

Paperpal is tailored specifically for academic text and its latest feature Write offers authors instant AI-based writing support to address these challenges head-on. With this new upgrade, the AI writing assistant can further deepen the support it provides authors on the academic writing journey. Under Write, authors have two options: 

  • Keep writing – The AI writer suggests what your next sentence could be, helping you expand on your ideas and maintain your writing flow. 
  • Custom instructions – Tailor writing suggestions with prompts to add counterarguments, analogies, examples, and more.  

Whether you are a student drafting a thesis, a researcher preparing a journal article, or an educator working on teaching materials, Paperpal Write can help save time and enhance your productivity. The best part is that authors can get 5 free uses of the Write feature per day or upgrade to Paperpal Prime for unlimited access to Write and all other advanced AI features!  

How Paperpal Write Works: Step-by-Step Process

Powered by cutting-edge AI and human intelligence, Paperpal Write is an invaluable for students, early career researchers, and non-native speakers. Here’s how to use this simple, intuitive feature: 

  1. Login or sign-up on Paperpal, open a document and start writing. You will need at least one line of 10+ words to allow the AI writing tool to understand and suggest the next sentence.  
  1. Navigate to Write on the right sidebar, place your cursor at the point from where you want to continue writing (after the period) and click ‘Keep Writing’. The AI writer will generate three options for the next sentence based on your text.  
  1. Review the suggested sentences, choose the best fit for your work, and insert it within your document with one click. You can also customize instructions to get tailored text suggestions, or pick from in-built prompts to generate counterarguments, analogies, examples, or expand on your text.  

Paperpal Supports Responsible Writing

Paperpal stands for ethical AI usage in academic writing and encourages monitoring and review of all AI-generated text before incorporating it into your own work. As you use generative AI features under Write to transform ideas into words, remember to use the AI-generated text as a base to build your ideas quickly and keep up your writing flow. Paperpal’s AI writer generates only one sentence at a time, ensuring the author remains in full control of the content with a chance to review and refine, verify facts and add citations as needed to achieve high-quality content that is original and authentic. By allowing author control, Paperpal ensures the final output remains true to your own voice. 

Paperpal Write: 6 Key Benefits for Academics

Choosing Paperpal as your academic writing assistant comes with a host of benefits. While the AI writer has its advantages, it can also be combined with other Paperpal features to revolutionize your academic writing journey.  

  1. Overcome writer’s block: Beat the blank page syndrome with text suggestions that provide a foundation on which you can build your ideas. Not only can the AI writer get you started, but it can also be used to get ‘unstuck’ at various points in the writing journey and maintain your writing momentum. 
  1. Expand on ideas: The predictive text suggestions comes in handy for authors looking to expand on their thinking, allowing them to enrich their content with relevant analogies or examples and suggesting text that can be verified using Paperpal’s ‘Research’ feature. 
  1. Generate counterarguments: Paperpal Write can help academics come up with potential counterarguments to their hypotheses or arguments. By identifying possible criticisms and weaknesses, they can strengthen their research writing.  
  1. Explore alternative views: Academics can use Write to explore alternative perspectives or interpretations of research findings/assumptions. This inspires them to think differently, leading to more nuanced discussions and deeper insights into complex topics.  
  1. Ensure smooth, coherent transitions: Maintaining coherence and logical flow is critical in academic writing. Authors can use Write to smoothly transition between ideas, paragraphs, sections, which enhances readability and helps readers easily follow the argument presented.  
  1. Build English academic writing skills: Authors, especially non-native English speakers, who may find it difficult to articulate ideas in English can use Paperpal Write to get contextual suggestions to refine their language, improve clarity, and communicate their work effectively. This real-time feedback and suggestions help to build and develop their academic writing skills over time.  

Paperpal’s Write feature is just one of the latest additions to its expansive set of features. If you haven’t already, get ready to transform your academic writing with Paperpal, the best AI writing assistant to boost your research writing and enhance your productivity. 

Paperpal is a comprehensive AI writing toolkit that helps students and researchers achieve 2x the writing in half the time. It leverages 21+ years of STM experience and insights from millions of research articles to provide in-depth academic writing, language editing, and submission readiness support to help you write better, faster. 

Get accurate academic translations, rewriting support, grammar checks, vocabulary suggestions, and generative AI assistance that delivers human precision at machine speed. Try for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime starting at US$19 a month to access premium features, including consistency, plagiarism, and 30+ submission readiness checks to help you succeed. 

Experience the future of academic writing – Sign up to Paperpal and start writing for free! 

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