Paperpal’s New AI Research Finder Empowers Authors to Research, Write, Cite, All in One Place

by Elizabeth Oommen George
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Over 800,000 academic writers across 125 countries trust Paperpal’s comprehensive academic writing toolkit to save time and write more confidently. While the writing and editing process has become quick for our users, we identified a gap in the academic writing process, especially when researchers kick-start their writing process.  

Our users use various AI research finders for different parts of the writing process – literature search, finding counter arguments, finding citations of papers that are credible and can back their arguments, etc. The entire process is not linear, and researchers need to actively keep their reading lists or library close by while they draft their paper. We also identified a need to enable users to lookup literature without switching tabs or tools while writing. Not only is this time-consuming and effort-intensive, but researchers could also lose writing momentum, which could cost them dearly when dealing with tight deadlines.

Recognizing this gap, Paperpal has introduced the Research feature, which provides science-backed answers to your questions as you write and lets you save references to your citation library. By integrating a robust AI research finder into its feature suite, Paperpal aims to accelerate the writing process and double your productivity. 

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Challenges in existing writing process

For academics, the process of crafting well-researched essays and research papers is both a necessity and a challenge. Students and researchers often find themselves navigating through a labyrinth of information to find citations of papers that are credible and can back their arguments.  

  1. They do literature search, conduct their research, and then sit down to write their essay or research paper. At this stage they often find an interesting new angle to explore, that requires another round of searching and reading to understand and ensure what you want to say is credible and grounded in published literature. This traditional academic research process involves browsing multiple platforms, shortlisting relevant sources, and verifying their credibility before referencing it in your own work.  
  1. The process is time-consuming process also requires a high level of expertise to distinguish between reliable and questionable content. 
  1. Furthermore, researchers often have to go deeper into topics and find counterpoints to add stronger arguments for their research, while writing their manuscripts. 
  1. Currently other AI research finder tools are inefficient as the long-drawn fragmented approach often disrupts writing flow, making the task more daunting and less efficient.  
  1. The research and writing process is even more difficult for those with English as a second language. A recent survey in PLOS revealed that those with low English proficiency took 91% longer to read papers published in English, and then 51% more time to write their manuscripts compared to native English speakers. 

So can you really overcome these hurdles in your research and writing journey and streamline your path to success? Yes, with Paperpal by your side! 

Paperpal’s AI research finder provides science-backed answers as you write

Paperpal’s new Research feature addresses these author challenges head-on by providing science-backed answers to research questions in easy-to-understand, summarized formats, as you write. With factual responses drawn from over 250 million research articles, authors can now enjoy verified citations and references seamlessly integrated into their writing environment. Academics no longer have to disrupt their writing momentum to figure out how to find references for research papers. You can browse the sources cited, and save relevant papers to your citation library, all without ever having to switch tabs. 

By expanding its feature suite to now include the AI research finder, powered by R Discovery, Paperpal allows you to research, write, cite, edit, and ensure submission readiness all in one place, streamlining and ensuring an uninterrupted writing experience.  

Research benefits: 5 ways Paperpal’s AI research finder can help you

Paperpal’s Research feature is a game-changer for academics who strive to deliver strong, well-researched content. It serves as a comprehensive reference finder, citation finder, and source finder, all rolled into one.  

Here are 5 ways you can use Paperpal’s AI research finder to take your research journey to the next level: 

  1. Remove writer’s block and simplify the writing process: Use the AI research finder to ask questions and break down concepts into simple summarized responses, backed by references. You can also read full papers or save articles to your citation library to delve deeper into the topic later. 
  1. Maintain your writing momentum and flow: Paperpal allows you to write, edit, and now verify facts all in one place; researchers can ensure accuracy by using Research feature to ask questions and instantly check facts and concepts against verified sources, all in one place.  
  1. Substantiate research arguments on the go: Paperpal’s source finder can be invaluable for those who want to quickly explore new ideas, when writing literature reviews for example. Asking and getting science-backed responses with references can help you elaborate on or strengthen arguments and substantiate your research effortlessly. 
  1. Enhance cross-disciplinary research writing: Paperpal’s new Research feature is great for those working on cross-disciplinary research, who may need to understand concepts outside their own area of expertise or are looking for additional references to support their work. 
  1. Strengthen grant applications with facts: Grant writing can be challenging, with high competition for the same limited pool of resources. With Paperpal, academics can effortlessly write and refine grant applications and then strengthen them using supporting facts generated by the Research feature. 

How to use the new Research feature on Paperpal?

The benefits of Paperpal’s Research feature for the academic community are immense. It revolutionizes the way research is conducted, transforming a traditionally disjointed process into a cohesive and enjoyable experience. Authors can now focus more on developing their arguments and less on the mechanics of finding and verifying sources. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step process to help you use Paperpal’s Research feature effectively: 

1. Submit your query: Login to Paperpal, open a document and click on the Research tab. Type in your question to get accurate insights from over 250 million articles, with verified sources. 

2. Review and save: Quickly scan the summarized response provided by the AI research finder to check for relevance, click to read references, and save any papers of interest to your citations library.  

3. Cite references: Develop your ideas using these insights and cite relevant references to strengthen your text and deliver well-researched academic essays or papers. 

It’s as simple as that! You’re all set to transform your writing with the best of research and writing support with the Paperpal AI research assistant.  

Crafting innovative solutions to transform your experience

With the Research feature, Paperpal lives up to its aim to provide a one-stop solution for academic writing. Students and researchers can enjoy a truly uninterrupted writing experience, ensuring that their focus remains on creating compelling and well-researched content. And we are not stopping here. Paperpal is in the process of developing a citations generator and builder, promising to further empower authors by automating the citation process. Our commitment to enhancing academic writing continues to grow, with several innovative features lined up to revolutionize your research and writing process. Watch this space for more! 

Paperpal is a comprehensive AI writing toolkit that helps students and researchers achieve 2x the writing in half the time. It leverages 21+ years of STM experience and insights from millions of research articles to provide in-depth academic writing, language editing, and submission readiness support to help you write better, faster. 

Get accurate academic translations, rewriting support, grammar checks, vocabulary suggestions, and generative AI assistance that delivers human precision at machine speed. Try for free or upgrade to Paperpal Prime starting at US$19 a month to access premium features, including consistency, plagiarism, and 30+ submission readiness checks to help you succeed. 

Experience the future of academic writing – Sign up to Paperpal and start writing for free! 

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